City C3 Service Requests

One of the services provided by LMRID through Securitas is assistance with City of Cape Town service requests (C3 request). LMRID’s aim is to provide top-up services to the community, not to replace the role of the city, so it is important that C3 requests for fixing roads, street lights out, illegal dumping, etc. are made to the city. LMRID can assist by logging requests, based on items identified by the patrollers, and following up with the city to ensure that the requests are being completed.

Residents can phone the control room with any C3 reference number and they will follow up, or LMRID can log a request on your behalf. The link to submit a request is below, followed by the list and status of all requests submitted up to the end of February. This list is also available here.

City of Cape Town service request portal