Notice of 2019 AGM

Notice is hereby given of the AGM to be held:

Date:        Thursday 21st November, 2019

Time:       19h00 (registration for meeting), 19h30 (meeting commence)

Venue:     Mossop Hall, cnr Cheltenham and Roseberry Roads, Little Mowbray.


  1. Registration
  2. Welcome & Apologies

2.1         Membership

2.1.1    Resignations

2.1.2    New Members

2.2     Quorum to constitute meeting

  1. Previous AGM minutes

3.1         Approval

3.2         Matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report
  2. Feedback on SRA’s operations 2018-2019
  3. Noting of Audited Financial Statements 2018-2019
  4. Budget

7.1         Approval of Usage of Additional Surplus Funds 2019-2020

7.2         Approval of Budget 2020-2021

7.3         Approval of Usage of Surplus Funds 2020-2021

  1. Approval of Implementation Plan 2020-2021
  2. Appointment of Auditors
  3. Confirmation of Company Secretary
  4. Election of Board Members
  5. General

13.1 Presentation by Col. Barbara Breedt, GSCID Manager

  1. Q & A
  2. Adjournment

Please note the following:

The present Directors of the LMRID and their respective portfolios are:

Name                                           Current SRA Portfolio

Marc Gammon                            Chair

Mark Heerden                             Finance/Secretary

Lindsay Kennedy                       Cleansing and Environmental Portfolio

Patsy Taylor                                Social Portfolio

Malcolm Keevy                          Communications

Simon Birch                                Security Portfolio


All stakeholders and interested parties are invited to attend, however, only owners registered as members of the company may vote.

Per clause 11.9.2 of the Memorandum of Incorporation, no member who is in arrears with payment of the additional rate for more than 60 (sixty) days, shall be entitled to vote at an AGM for so long as s/he is so in arrears except if the member can prove that s/he is in a dispute or has entered into an appropriate payment arrangement with the City or can provide proof of payment.

Owners wishing to apply for membership should do so via the website or by email.  New membership applications should be received by 14th November, 2019 to be approved and accepted at a meeting of the Board of directors of the LMRID NPC prior to the AGM.

Any member may appoint a Proxy to attend the meeting on his/her behalf.  Forms of Proxy may be downloaded from the website or requested by email. The proxy form must be delivered to the offices of the Company no less than 24 hours prior to the advertised time of the start of the meeting, failing which it shall not be deemed to be valid.

Enquiries should be addressed as far in advance as possible, by email as above or by letter to the registered office of the company. The Audited Annual Financial Statements can be downloaded from the website.

Clause 12.1.7 of the MOI states “As required by item 5(1)(b) of Schedule 1 to the Act, at least 1/3 (one third) of the directors shall resign every year at the AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election.”  Therefore, the following Directors: Marc Gammon and Malcolm Keevy will resign. Marc Gammon has made himself available for re-election as director. Forms for nomination of directors may be downloaded from the website or be requested by email. These form must be delivered to the offices of the LMRID NPC no less than 7 clear days prior to the advertised time of the start of the meeting, failing which it shall not be deemed to be valid.

The following documentation is available at the AGM and on the LMRID website at :

Membership list

Advertisements, notice to members and CoR 36.2 form

Minutes of previous AGM


Audited Financial Statements

Implementation Plan 2020-2021

Budget 2020-2021

Membership application form

Nomination as Director form

Proxy Form