The Area

The LMRID area is bounded on the South, by Alma Road, on the West by Liesbeek Parkway, no the North by the N2 / M5 highways and on the East by the M5 and Rondebosch Common.

The LMRID boundary encloses two neighbourhood watch organsiations that have been active for many years.  On the North of Durban Road is the Little Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch and on the South of Durban Road is the Rosebank Neighbourood Watch.

The area is predominantly residential, but with a commercial component along Durban Road together with the Office Park on the North Western boundary.

For a map of the CID area, please see this pdf document.


6 thoughts on “The Area”

  1. Good Afternoon

    Can you please direct to me the improvements district that falls on the other side of Liesbeeck being Selby Road??

    Thank you

    1. There is no SRA in that area however there is a neighbourhood watch. I am not sure how you can get in touch with them – will try to find details for you.

      1. Hi Gill,
        There are several possible explanations for a LMRID vehicle to be outside the LMRID boundary.
        a) The LMRID patrol officers attend a daily briefing at Mowbray SAPS (Main Road)
        b) Each patrol (12 hour shift) gets a “lunch break” and two short comfort breaks during the shift, for which they report to the LMRID control room (Main Road Mowbray)
        c) The security provider has an account at a specific petrol station on Main Road for refuelling the vehicles.
        The board has decided that (given the likelyhood of crime cross-over between our area and the main public transport interchanges in Mowbray) when a LMRID vehicle needs to travel from our area to Main Road it would be good to take the back roads to get there rather than simply blasting up Durban Road every time.
        There is also the possibility for our vehicles will leave the specific LMRID bounded area in pursuit of a suspect.

        In the instance you cite, the patrol vehicle was en-route to a SAPS briefing.

  2. Hi. I have recently moved into little Mowbray and I am impressed how often I see the lmrid patrolling…however I have never seen ADT. I am now looking at signing up a security company, but my thinking is instead of paying ADT for the service, is it not a better idea to see if lmrid can offer a similar one and pay them instead?

    1. The legislation that enables special ratings areas precludes LMRID from providing services onto private property – we operate in the shared public space only. Thus LMRID itself cannot provide the service you are looking for.
      Alarm monitoring and/or armed response to private properties needs to be contracted privately with one of the armed response providers currently in the area, of which FADT is currently the largest.

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