Welcome to the Little Mowbray / Rosebank Improvement District (LMRID)

The LMRID, in partnership with commercial and residential properties in a specific  area encompassing parts of Rosebank and Little Mowbray, aims to create a safer, cleaner and rejuvenated environment for all, by providing ‘top up’ services to those provided by the City of Cape Town (CCT).

LMRID Vision:

“The LMRID seeks to improve its public environment to make it a sought after, attractive and pleasant destination in which to live, conduct business and shop.”

LMRID Mission:

“The LMRID seeks to create a partnership between the communities of Little Mowbray, parts of Rosebank, and the City of Cape Town, to improve and upgrade the public environment for the benefit of all.”

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  1. HI

    I would like to speak to someone regarding the letter received about adding additional charges to my rates bill.

    If you would be so kind as to give me contact details.


    1. Hi Richard,

      We have made several concerted appeals over the last few years to get more people to sign up for the current bicycle patrol and these have essentially met with absolutely zero response. Of the last three appeals (including one where we were down-grading the bicycle patrol from 4 guards on duty per day to 3 guards on duty per day) we managed to sign up a single new subscriber! Due to a history of declining support the current patrol is now relatively expensive (over R200 per month) so the likelihood of getting more subscribers now is declining further.

      If the SRA proposal is defeated by public opinion (i.e if we do not get the required support) then this is an approach that we will have to return to.


  2. Hi Marc

    I was one of the people that indicated that I would support the bicycle patrol, but the ADT contract was extremely obtuse and made no mention of the patrol. So while I am happy to contribute to it, I am not prepared to enter into a seemingly unrelated and extremely unclear contract. Perhaps they could redraft this so that it is relevant to our needs.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I will ensure that this is looked into. I signed up for the bicycle patrol as part of a broader ADT service so I didn’t see the fine-print for the patrol only. I’ve since cancelled my other services and contribute only to the Bicycle Patrol, however I have not idea what the “contractual arrangement” now looks like.

  3. To whom it may concern

    Firstly would Ayres Road be part of this whole initiative?

    We have had the GSID in our area but they do not clean properly, I myself and some on the individuals have complained and reported this but nothing gets done. The corner of Selby and Ayres Road (where the UCT Residence Pool is) is a dumping spot for people living in the area (flats) and for the homeless. Will this change at all and what am I paying for as I myself and my gardener end up cleaning the area. Who do we contact concerning this as the cleaners skirt around the area but do Durban Road and the area around the Mowbray maternity hospital only.

    Concerning the safety, my neighbour has been broken in to numerous times during the day in one year, their car was broken in to about 3 weeks ago as well, last week they did so in River Road. No one is ever caught and we hardly see the cars of the GSID and ADT and police cannot help so how will this organisation help with no powers at all. I myself believe corruption will set in, just look at our police force how will this be any different?

    At the end of the day I have seen to my own security and cannot rely on any of these companies for cleaning or security so why should I be forced to pay for something I do not want?

    I wish to withhold my name as in the current climate if you do not agree with anyone you are victimised or indimidated. I realise this covers more than security but maybe you could give me some answers.


    1. Dear neighbour,

      I am sorry for your troubles, however your situation will not by changed by the LMRID initiative for exactly the same reason that GSCID cannot help you. Ayres road falls outside of both SRA initiatives, so both GSCID and LMIRD are prohibited from helping you. The SRA legislation is very clear about the fact that funds collected under an SRA can ONLY be spent providing services to the area bounded by that SRA. So, unfortunately, the problems you face with both crime and grime will need to be addressed by the immediate community in which you live.

      On the plus side, you do not pay a monthly contribution to GSCID and you will not be billed any amounts for LMRID as you do not live in either SRA’s bounded area.

      Marc Gammon

  4. To whom it may concern:

    I am a tenant in the improvement district. The landlady is charging me for the improvement district fee. My rental contract states: “Should the amount payable in respect of rates and taxes/levies increase during the Lease Period, the Landlord shall be entitled to increase the monthly rent payable to an amount equal to such increase.”

    Is the charge for the improvement district considered to be part of rates and taxes?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I am sorry to hear about your increased rent as a result of the SRA.

      The direct answer to your question is “yes” – the additional amount is a “special rate” in addition to the normal City rates account. My understanding is that the levied amount is a “rate” as defined in your rental agreement.

      However, for most properties in the area the rand value is relatively nominal. If your “adjustment” is more than R200 per month you should ask for an documentation to show how your landlady arrives at the new amount.

      Bare in mind that two things have happened in the last month. The one is that we are (as of the July rates account) into a new 5 year rating cycle and everyone’s normal property rates have gone up due to the revised property values for the next 5 year cycle. The second is that the SRA levy has been added.

      In my own case, my house has been revalued from a valuation on which the monthly rates was R1,600 per month to a new valuation on which the monthly rates is R1,997. Then (on top of this) the SRA levy is R214 per month.

      So, in my case my rates have gone up by R610 per month, however only R214 of this is the new special levy and R400 is simply the 5-yearly property revaluation process.

      It would be interesting to know the extent to which your rent is going up because of the new rating cycle as against the SRA portion specifically. If your landlady is invoking the rates clause in the rental agreement I am sure you are within your rights to ask to see the rates accounts from this month as against a few months ago to see exactly how much things have changed due to the SRA portion.

  5. To Whom it may concern.

    I am Wesley Ford from the Southern Suburbs Tatler, I would like to follow up on a robbery that took place in Durban Road , Mowbray. It was at the Aroma Drop Inn on April 28/29 , 2018

    I contacted the LMRID number on the Facebook page though the staff in the building told me that it is not in their area even though a CPF member said that LMRID patrollers were on the scene of the crime.

    I would like to establish whether LMRID has a communications department that sends information to the media.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Wesley,
      A member of our security subcommittee will be getting in touch with you.
      Marc Gammon

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