Complaints Process / Procedure

Should you have any complaints with regards to the service of the Little Mowbray and Rosebank Improvement District service providers, the following procedure/process is to be followed:

  1. Report it by email to It will be attended to by a designated LMRID director;
  2. All complaints will be communicated via email for record keeping purposes and to ensure that LMRID responds on each aspect raised;
  3. Give a maximum of two weeks for a response. In some instances, LMRID cannot resolve the problem and needs to liaise with other stakeholders. Should there be extended delays in obtaining feedback from external stakeholders, you will be informed accordingly;
  4. When you have received a response, and it is to your satisfaction, the matter will be considered closed;
  5. Should you not be satisfied with the response received, and wish to escalate the matter, then you can request that a response from the Chair of the LMRID board of Directors;
  6. The designated director will provide you with proof of such escalation to the Chair;
  7. The Chair will then deal with your complaint and advise the designated director on actions should such be required;
  8. You will receive a written response from the designated director who will act on behalf of the LMRID board, with the necessary consultation;
  9. Should you not be satisfied with the feedback of the Chair, you may request escalation to the next authority;
  10. The designated director will provide you with proof of such escalation to the next level of authority which will be the Manager of the City of Cape Town’s City Improvement Districts (currently Joepie Joubert);
  11. At this point, the City’s unit will address your complaints and provide you with the relevant feedback on the action taken.


None to date.