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The perception survey conducted before the launch of LMRID indicated strong support for a recycling initiative. A small sub-committee of interested recyclers was established to look into various options. Because an SRA is required to provide services to all residents in the area, and because not everyone was prepared to support a recycling initiative, it proved impossible for LMRID to fund such an initiative for all residents as part of it’s base offering.

After lengthy research it was agreed to contract Averda (previously ‘Wasteman’) to collect recycling from those households interested and willing to pay a small monthly amount, however this would need to be run outside of the LMRID operation as it would be an opt-in service which individual households could choose to join or not as they wished.  LMRID provided the initial seed funding to ensure that this project got off the ground and is strongly in support of the initiative.

We are extremely grateful to Jane Keen for running this initiative.

For details about the recycling initiative please see Recycling notice for 2022

Recycling Collection Schedule: 2022