This section contains documents of interest in understanding the operating parameters for the proposed special rating area.  Some of these (where indicated) are published by the City, and pertain to the legal / regulatory framework governing the formation and operation of a special rating area.  Others are documents specific to the LMRID initiative, and include the results of our “needs assessment” survey as well as the proposed business plan for the SRA.

Documents for the 2022 AGM (17 Nov 2022)

  1. Newspaper Notice of AGM (Cape Times, Die Burger)
  2. Agenda
  4. LMRID 2022 AFS
  5. 5-year Business Plan 2021-2026
  6. Implementation Plan 2023/24
  7. 5-year Budget 2021 – 2026 (as approved for the current 5-year window)
  8. Proposed 2023-24 budget
  9. Proposed 2023-24 Surplus Utilisation
  10. Membership Application Form – Natural Person
  11. Membership Application Form – Juristic Person (Company, Trust, Etc)
  12. Nomination Form For Directors
  13. Proxy Form
  14. Membership List

General Documents

  1. Property owners who wish to become members of the NPC (and thus eligible to vote at company meetings) should please complete the relevant membership application form above. A registered member may nominate someone else to represent them at company meetings by completing the proxy form above.
  2. LMRID Certified MOI (the registered Memorandum of Incorporation for the company – This sets out the core legal framework and details about how the company will operate)
  3. Council Ordinary Minutes 28 April 2016 (Minutes of the Council meeting at which LMRID was approved)
  4. Special Rating Areas By-law – 7 May 2012 (City of Cape Town document)
  5. Special Rating Areas Policy (City of Cape Town document)
  6. SRA Frequently Asked Questions (City of Cape Town document)
  7. LMRID SRA Business Plan
  8. Proposed 5 year budget
  9. The LMRID PAIA document and the LMRID POPIA document are also available.